ITProTV has partnered with several organizations that allow users access to specific ITProTV content by redeeming an access code. Whether you received an access code activation url or just an access code, the following information should help you get started with your ITProTV account.

Activation URL

If you receive a url, follow the link and submit the account creation form. The access code is part of that url and following the link to the account creation page will automatically redeem the code against your ITProTV account. 

Access Code

If you receive an access code and you do not have an ITProTV account, please go to our free sign up page and create your ITProTV account. Before submitting the form, enter your access code by selecting "Have an Access Code?"

Once that form is submitted along with your access code, you'll be prompted to log in again. At that time, you'll have access to your specific content which you can see on your account settings page.

Already have an ITProTV account?
Please log in and navigate to your Account Settings page (Click on the Account icon in the top right corner). 

Select Access Codes then enter your code and click redeem. Once you've redeemed your code, you'll see the content listed on the right along with the dates of access. 

Your courses will be accessible in the Course Library under the section titled "My Courses."

If your activation url or code does not work, you may want to contact the vendor that provided the code or you can contact and we will be happy to assist you.

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