When I add a Course to a Learning Module, why aren’t all the episodes in the course showing an orange checkmark? Have all the episodes in a course been added?

  • Yes, the entire course will be added to the module. If you only want certain episodes included, you will need to click the “+” next to each episode to customize the course.

    We are working on a future upgrade of this feature which will checkmark all the episodes. This allows you to unselect individual episodes from within a course for greater customization.

How far out can I assign a Learning Module?

  • You can assign a Learning Module out indefinitely, but it is best to assign smaller chunks of content at a time. It is helpful to determine how much time per week is reasonable for your team to commit to the assignment and build due dates from there.

    Many of our courses are comprised of 10+ hours of content and so assigning sections at a time helps set achievable goals and increases team engagement.

Can I make changes to a module after it’s been created?

  • No, the only change that can be made is to the Assignment Name and Description. Once the assignment has been created, no further changes are possible – take your time over the set up.

Can I re-purpose a Learning Module with multiple due dates?

  • Yes, you can allocate learning Assignments multiple times to different people with a variety of due dates.

If I previously watched content that is assigned to me will I get credit toward the assignment for that content?

  • The assignment tracks content that is watched from the time it is assigned through the due date. Any content that you previously watched will not be credited toward your assignment.

    There will be a future enhancement to allow the system to credit content watched prior to an assignment.  

Can I edit the due date once an assignment has been made?

  • No, once the assignment has been made the due date cannot be changed. You will need to create the Assignment with a new due date if there is a change in timescale. Once an assignment’s due date is set, we want to stick to it to ensure we know what we need by the time we need it!

How do I assign Virtual Labs and Practice Tests?

  • This feature is not yet available but will be enabled in future releases. Practice test and vLabs are available in the relevant courses, right now we’re working on a way to allocate this within an assignment.

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