If your ITProTV team account is managed using the ITProTV ProPortal, your team's ITProTV account admin can create Learning Module assignments. Once your admin has assigned you a portion of the course library, they can send you a notification e-mail like the one below. The e-mail will be from "no-reply@itpro.tv" with the subject line, "New ITProTV assignment"  

Once you’ve been assigned a Learning Module, you will see a new section in your course library called Assignments. 

(Web app view, also available in iOS and TV OS)

Click View this Assignment to go to the assignment page. You’ll see an assignment progress bar under your name and a course/episode progress bar within the assignment. To launch the assignment, click View this Course.

Once you've launched the assignment, you'll see course/episodes breakdown on the left when drilling down into the viewing material. When completing an assigned episode, the course/episode view will still show Assigned next to the title, but the icon on the left changes to a check mark once viewing is completed and Assigned will be grayed out. 

If you’ve previously viewed any part of the assignment, that will count towards your assignment viewing progress. 

If you have technical questions related to your assignment, please contact ITProTV using the chat bubble at the bottom of the page. If you want to know more about why you received the assignment, contact your team's ITProTV account admin.  

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