Understanding your account

Once you’re logged in, it’s important to understand the details of your account.

Firstly, you’ll see how many seats you have available and how many have already been allocated.

This screenshot shows zero seats have been allocated from a possible five at the moment and this will change as you invite your team to the service. We’re passionate about these seats being used, so if you allocate a seat to an individual that goes on to leave your organization, you can deactivate and re-assign to someone new. 

Inviting new users

Inviting users couldn’t be easier. First, choose the access you want this user to have;

  1. ITProTV Subscription – Gives a team member access to the great ITPro.TV content on https://app.itpro.tv.
  2. ProPortal Admin – Access to https://proportal.itpro.tv/ only - the user will be able to reallocate user profiles and set assignments.
  3. Both – As it sounds, the user will be able to access both the learning content via ITPro.TV and management in ProPortal.

Once you’ve decided on the access rights; enter their email, first name, and last name in the appropriate boxes and select the bubble associated with their access rights. Hit invite… (see, told you it was easy).

This action will trigger an email to the user with a hyperlink to a password creation page. Once they’ve chosen a password, they’re good to go and get started. 

  • If your user already has an account or misses their password creation timeframe, simply head to the main login page and request a password reset. 

User Management and User Activity Overview

Each user created will be labeled in your ProPortal home screen, you can filter this list to make your view easier by selecting the drop down.

Most of the time, it’s going to be the Active list you’re after. Once selected, it’ll show the people making use of the available seats in alphabetical order. Next to their name you’ll see a drop down error, which will give you the option to "Deactivate Subscription" when expanded. You will also be able to remove admin rights for other admins.

The activity screen gives you a brief overview of that individual's activity to date. 

Things to look for here are regular log in activity and lots of episodes “Viewed Completely”. 

Organization Activity Overview and Export

Seeing one person’s overall activity is great, but there will be times that you want to see the whole organization’s behavior. For this, head out to the main home screen and hit “Download Activity” on the upper right-hand side.

This will export a full list of every person, every course, and every episode into Microsoft Excel. You can filter and sort this as you wish to give you the data you want to see.

For a walkthrough of the Assignments feature check out these articles:

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