We are going to walk you through how and why you will love our new ability to use Teams to group your Users for purposes of reporting and assignments. First, let’s go over a few basic terms you will hear:  

Team: A collection of users for the purposes of reporting and assignments   

Users: All the people from your company that have a seat on your subscription. Can be seen on the Users tab.    

Learning Module: A collection of episodes and/or courses with a name and a description created to be assigned to one or more Team Members.   

Assignment: A Learning Module that has been assigned to one or more Team Members with a due date.  

Activity: A summary of a user’s viewings.   

Team Activity Download: This download gives you all the activity history of all users on a specific Team. This can be found by clicking ‘Team Activity’ on the top right of the manage team view. 

Assignment Activity Download: This download gives you all the activity related to a Learning Module.  You can find this by clicking ‘View’ button on an individual Learning Module, then you will see the download option on top right.  


The first thing you’ll notice is an additional tab is now available within your ITProTV ProPortal.  

 Once in the Teams tab, you will be able to create your first team. Click on the Orange ‘Create New Team’ button.  

  • Once you created your team name, click next.  
  • Now, you will add Users (who are active on your Enterprise Grant) to your new Team. Start typing the name or email of the user or you can hit space bar to see everyone. You will hit the select button to the right of their name.  
  • Once you have built your team, click the next button on the bottom right.  

Step 3 is the final step where you can review your team. To make any changes, click on the step numbers above to go back to review that step and make any changes. If you are satisfied, click the Create Team button.  


Your team is now created, and you can report on each individual team’s activity or set up an Assignment for them to view a Learning Module (a collection of episodes or courses) with a due date.  

To get an export of a Team’s activity (viewings & downloads), click the new Team Activity button on the top right of the Team.  

Using Assignments with Teams 

You can learn more about Assignments here.

Once you have set up your Team, you can assign a Learning Module to one or more Teams.  

In this example, I want to assign a new Learning Module to the Network Admins Team previously created.  

Once on the Assignments tab, you can view the details of the Learning Module, existing Assignments (if any) or create a new Assignment. If you'd like, you can directly skip to the view Assignment screen at the bottom of the page.  

Once on the Create Assignment page, you can use the dropdown box to select a whole team at once. 

Hitting the Select All button will select or deselect the whole team you have showing in the dropdown on the left. From there, you will need to select a due date and whether or not you want your Users to receive emails notifying them of their new Assignment.  

Please reach out to us for any assistance needed in utilizing our Teams, Assignments or any other ProPortal feature so that we can ensure you are successful in using ITProTV!  

Check out our FAQ article to get your most common Teams questions answered

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