Terms to Know

Team: A collection of users for the purposes of reporting and assignments. 

Subscription:The total memberships available to a company that allow invited users to access ITProTV.    

Users:All the people from your company that have a seat on your subscription. Can be seen on the Users tab. 

Seats: The number of available memberships you can assign to users to allow access to ITProTV.  

Seat Admin: A person assigned access to the ProPortal (Seat admins do not use seats).     

(Learning) Module: A collection of content (episodes and/or courses) with a name and a description created to be assigned to one or more Users.  

Assignment: A Learning Module that has been assigned to one or more Team Members with a due date.   

Activity: A summary of a user’s viewings.    

Team Activity Download: This download gives you all the activity history of all users on a specific Team. This can be found by clicking ‘Team Activity’ on the top right of the manage team view.  

Assignment Activity Download: This download gives you all the activity related to a Learning Module.  You can find this by clicking ‘View’ button on an individual Learning Module, then you will see the download option on top right.   

Creating your Teams

The Teams section is easy to access within your ITProTV ProPortal. You'll find this just below your team’s subscription information:  

Once in the Teams tab, you will be able to create your first team. Click on the orange button labelled  "Create New Team".   

  • First create your team name, then click Next.   

  • Now, add Users (who are active and are already added to your subscription) to your new Team. Start typing the name or email of the user, or you can hit the spacebar to see everyone available for assigning. Click the Select button to the right of their name to add them.  Once your team is complete, click the Next button on the bottom right. 

  • Step 3 is the final step where you can review your team and its members. To make any changes, click on the step numbers above to go back to review that step and make any changes. 

  • If you are satisfied, click the Create Team button.   

🎊Congratulations, your Team is now created!🎊

Monitoring your Team through the Activity Reports

Now that your subscription has the Teams set, you can report on each Team’s activity or set up an Assignment for them to complete in the Teams section.   

You can edit and view data on each team by clicking the Manage button beside each one. 

  • To get an export of a Team’s activity (course viewings, downloads, completions, etc), click the Team Activity button on the top right corner of the Team’s page.   

  • If you add new users, you can add them to a team during the initial invite stage (See ProPortal Walk-Through for more on this) or you can add them through the Add Team Members button within that Team’s page. 

Using Assignments with Teams  

If you haven’t checked out our ProPortal Assignments for Seat Admins article, take a moment and check out that article here before proceeding.  

To assign a Learning Module to one or more Teams, navigate back to the Assignments section.  In this example, let's assign a Learning Module on Desktops to the Help Desk Team that was previously created.   

  • Once in the Assignments tab, you can view the details of already existing (if any) Modules from the Learning Modules to Assign list, or you have the option to make a different one with the Create New Module option.  

  • If you need to create a new Module for a Team, please do so before you begin the Assignment process.

  • When you are ready, select the “Assign” button next to the Module you’d like to assign to the team; I’ve selected the Desktop Module for the Help Desk team. 

  • On the New Assignment page, enter your Due Date; this will create a pacing timeline for your team to complete the Assignment.  

  • You’ll then see a list of all the active members on the subscription. Click the “Filter by Team” dropdown menu, and select the Team you would like to add to the Assignment; I’ve highlighted the Help Desk team below. 

  • After selecting the Team(s) for the Assignment, you can finish the process by clicking “Assign Module.” Your team will then be emailed about the new assignment and see this assignment linked in their Dashboard. 

  • You can opt not to send emails for an Assignment by clicking the checkbox next to “Send Emails,” if your team does not need to be notified. 

Please reach out your Customer Success team (Success@ITPro.TV) for any assistance needed in utilizing our Teams, Assignments or any other ProPortal features so that they can ensure you are successful in using ITProTV for your company!   

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