Is there a limit on the number of teams? 

  • No, you can create as many Teams as your organization needs. 

Can I make changes to a Team after it has been created?  

  • Yes. You can add users to a team as well as remove users. To remove a specific user, select the drop-down arrow next to their name and select “Remove from Team”. 

Can a user be added to more than 1 Team?  

  • Yes, a user can be added to multiple Teams in your account. 

Am I able to create 2 teams with the same name? 

  • No. In order to limit confusion, you must have a different name for each team. (I.e. Sales N.A., Sales Europe) 

Can I assign a Learning Module to the team I created?  

  • Yes. Under the “Assignments” tab select the learning module that you want to assign by selecting the orange “Assign” button. Use the filter drop-down box to pick the appropriate team, set the due date and assign the module. 

How do I see the activity of my team? 

  • Select the corresponding “Manage” button for the team you would like to view, then select “Team Activity”. This will generate an Excel report. 

What if I run into any problems while creating a Team or Assignment? 

  • Contact the Success team (Success@ITPro.TV) and they'll be happy to assist you with your business training needs you are trying to solve with the ProPortal. 

What do I do if I need to see the history of several teams? 

  • You will need to download the history of each team individually. Alternatively, the Activity download for all Users on a grant can be obtained on the Users screen, but their Team is not notated on this download." We can see how many people clamor for this. 
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