"Creating engaging Content, daily" is crucial to our mission at ITProTV. Every day, we are hard at work creating multiple episodes, courses, and other content for our members to keep them engaged in our community.
      We are always "In-Production" but sometimes the rate at which we are able to publish our content can vary.

      Content, like the IT world itself, is quick to change; turnover of certification requirements and programs can happen overnight. While the change may be quick, re-writing and re-filming a course can be a laborious process. Our Edutainers want their material to be accurate, as well as entertaining. Our Production Staff strive for the highest quality in video and audio, to ensure all formats are comparable to our customer's standards. 

     For some courses this is an easy pivot, and we are able to film and post our content within a week. However, sometimes we take a step back from a course to ensure that when we publish it, we have all of the information necessary for our members. We always want our customers to be engaging with content that is the most up-to-date.

     Timelines for these types of courses are difficult to pin down: we want our members to have the content they need but we also do not want to post impulsively. By checking our calendar page, you can be sure to see our upcoming courses as they being filmed as well as projected dates for completion. These dates are flexible, but we endeavor to keep to these timelines whenever possible.

If you have any additional questions regarding courses labelled "In-Production" or on related-topics, please check our Q&A Forums or reach out to our Member Services Team for more information.


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