Practice Lab is an excellent system to practice difficult technical skills without the cost of buying equipment or programs to do so. Most of the time Practice Lab functions beautifully; when it doesn’t, it might be difficult to decide how to fix the error.

      The first step would be to make sure to have watched the Introduction to Practice Labs tutorial, to ensure you have a fundamental understanding of the platform and settings. We also have Module Zero, which is a guided lab experience that can be found within the same page. 

For a simple error such as: setting features, launching labs from our site, or guided content connected to courses we offer.

  • Our Q&A forum is a great spot to check. Paid members are able to post and discuss course, lab, and exam issues they may be experiencing. Often peers and experts alike help fix these types of issues readily, with great user-friendly explanations!
  • Our Member Services are always just one click away, whether through our easily-accessible Chat feature, by email, or by phone.

For a more complex error: the functions of the cloud software are non-responsive or inactive, no connection to the cloud software and devices, error loading the content despite membership.

  • Practice Lab is the best point of contact for errors within the program itself, as they can diagnose any errors occurring with your lab machine. You can submit a support ticket directly to them by emailing or through the “?” within the lab navigation bar.

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