When I try to login or launch the app, it immediately crashes or shows an error message. What's happening?

  • In 2019, we removed our original Android app from the market, and replaced it with a completely new version. This type of error is usually due to launching the outdated app, as we no longer support the retired Android app.
  • To ensure you have the new app and latest version:
  1. Delete the ITProTV app from your device.
  2. Head to the Google Play store.
  3. Search and download the latest ITProTV app.
  4. Launch and login with your account credentials to get started!

I have a paid membership but when I load the app, I am asked to upgrade my account before viewing any content. Why am I seeing this? 

  • If your subscription is not properly linked through your device, your account may be showing as Free Member on the app. Please log into your account through a mobile browser and verify your device is linked; you can see this through the Account Settings>Linked Devices. 
  • If you do not see your device in the History section or it is showing as Inactive, you will need to log into your app through the Account Settings section of the app. Once this is done, you will see a new Active device added. 
  • If you are still having issues even with the device showing as Active, please revoke the device, log out of your app, and try logging in again.
  •   **When signing out of an app, some data may be lost. 

Video Player 

How do I get the next episode in the course to play?  

  • We have continuous play on our Android app! At the end of each episode in a course, you’ll have two options to continue your viewing:  
  • Click Next Episode to go to the sequential episode of the course* 
  • Click Dashboard to return to the home page. 

**On the last episode of a course, the Next Episode button will not appear. To return to the course, use the Course button or click Dashboard to return to the main screen.

How do I adjust the speed or resolution? 

  • To adjust these controls, tap the three-dot menu (kebab) located in the top right corner of the video player. If you do not see the three-dot menu, click on the episode that you intend to view.  
  • The available speed range is 0.1x to 2.0x. 
  • The default resolution for our videos is 720p but some, newer courses have up to 1080p.  

Can I play courses with audio only?  

  • Yes, you can! When playing a video, click the ear icon in the top right corner. The ear icon will turn orange when Podcast Mode is enabled. A player control bar will appear at the bottom of the app with the episode title with buttons to pause/play and advance to the next episode. 
  • While in Podcast mode you can navigate away from the app, or lock the screen, and still hear the content. You'll be able to pause/play from your tray notifications, but you'll need to unlock your phone and open the app to change episodes. 
  • To speed up audio, you will need to set your desired speed before switching to Podcast Mode.   

How do I switch between landscape, portrait, or full screen? 

  • If your phone has autorotate on, when watching a video and turning to landscape, your video will automatically go full screen landscape and vice versa if you turn the phone back to portrait.  
  • If your phone has autorotate off, click the square button on the bottom right corner of the video player to enable full screen landscape mode. 

How do I tell if I’ve watched a video? 

  • We’ve made it easy for you to know which episodes you’ve completed in the course. Look for the check marks next to the episode title in the course list.  

How do I download videos? 

  • Only Annual members can download content. (For more on accessing certain content, click here
  • Download options can be found when viewing an episode in the three-dot menu (kebab) located in the top right corner of the video player. If you do not see the three-dot menu, click on the episode that you intend to view.  
  • To delete episodes from the app, navigate to the Downloads section of the app and swipe left or right on the episode; an orange trashcan icon will appear on the opposite side of the episode. Click this trashcan icon and the episode will be removed from your app. 
  • To change your default download resolution, go to the Account Settings and select Download Quality prior to downloading content. 
  • Android mobile browser makes downloading easier - Check out our article on easy downloading from your Android mobile browser. Click Here

I signed out of my Android app and now my downloads are gone - Where did they go? 

  • For security purposes, downloads will be automatically deleted after sign-out from any of our apps. 

Do you have Chromecast available on the Android app?

  • Chromecast is available on our Android app! Make sure to look for the casting button on the video player.

How do I upgrade my membership through the Android app? 

  • You can take a look at our membership plans and pricing through the Account Settings, however, if you wanted to upgrade please exit the Android app and go directly to our website, or chat with our Member Services team. 
  • You can contact ITProTV using the Contact Support option through the User icon (top right icon from home page). From there, click New Conversation to open a new chat. 
  • Once you're on a browser, proceed with your upgrade through your Account Settings page. Click here for how to upgrade your account! 

Additional Help and Resources 

I need to contact Member Services for help - What's the best way?  

  • If you’re having account or site related issues, you can contact ITProTV using the Contact Support option in the Account Settings (top right icon from home page). From there, click Start Conversation

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