ITProTV’s Learning Coach team is dedicated to ensuring our members make the most of their subscriptions with us, by providing additional assistance in your learning goals.

     Our Learning Playbook site has free resources, available to all members, on several IT career aspects including: certifications available in their job role, the tips on how to attain them, and job sites for different IT prospects in your local area. 

     You can also view our Career Paths/Learning Paths for IT job roles through the link on the Learning Playbook page, or from our Help/FAQ articles linked here.  

     Our Premium members have the added option to directly contact our Learning Coach team, for more personal guidance on choosing their courses and certifications. The team will collect some information on your background, previous certifications, and learning goals when a request is made.  

      After an initial period of analysis for the request, a representative will reach out by chat or email. They’ll work with you to facilitate your continued success through suggested certifications and courses, as well as any advice from our team of experts for your specific learning goal.

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Check out our Q&A Forum article on contacting our Edutainers there.  

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