ITProTV is currently undergoing a pilot for an Assessments feature. This pilot will only run on 1 course (Accelerated Security+). This is testing the concept and gaining insight into the demand for the feature. The eventual finished product will likely not look like your current experience, so it is critical we receive feedback from you to create a better product for all members. 

Vision: The assessment feature provides an opportunity for a value check with feedback.
Definition: A tool for measuring learning progress, skill development, and the effectiveness of ITProTV’s content by asking questions, offering feedback and reporting on the results.

About: If you have landed on a course where you are presented with options, we welcome you to try it. We will first ask on the Overview episode if you want to participate. After that, once you pass the 85% progress mark in an episode, you will be presented with an option to take a 1 question assessment to check that you absorbed a key concept or term from the video. 

Feedback: If you find the feature lacking, please use the same chat bubble to give us your specific feedback on how we could enhance the experience. 

OPT-OUT: You can opt out any time by clicking the check box on top

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