Certifications and courses change rapidly in the IT field, and so does our course library. Our Courses page is segmented by Category, Certification, and Job Role and each of these host a number of available courses. Our team works hard to ensure that these available courses will prepare you for the latest version of each certification. When a course needs to be updated or changed, we move it to our Legacy section.

The Legacy section can be found in the Category tab of the Courses page. Legacy courses are older versions of our current courses, or content that may be retired or obsolete for modern technologies. As changes to certifications occur, these courses are tagged and moved to the Legacy section so members can access all versions of our courses!

Courses in the Legacy section will not appear when searched at the top of the page through the Search bar. Instead you can quickly search through the Legacy section by using your browser's Find command (Control/Command+F) and then typing the course title.

As these courses are considered retired, many of the study features such as practice tests and virtual labs may be removed from these courses. If a course is replaced or retired to the Legacy section, the practice tests will be removed automatically, but virtual labs may still be available. To access these remaining features, you’ll need to go through the course directly as they will be removed from the Virtual Labs and Practice Tests sections of the site.

Have more questions? Reach out to the Member Services team using the chat bubble on this page or by email.

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