Kaplan, our practice tests provider, has a variety of options to help you optimize and customize your certification preparation. When launching a practice test, you’ll see two available options under the Exam Simulation section.

  • Quick Quiz: The Quick Quiz is a certification exam simulation. Based on the exam composition and number of questions, the test bank will generate a practice test that will match the certification exam format. You’ll even see a timer in the top right corner, which shows the time the test should be taken in during normal circumstances. Afterwards, you can see the results* in your home page to review and study.
  • Custom Quiz: The Custom Quiz is a more personalized testing experience. When you launch a Custom Quiz, you will be able to select the topics covered and the number of questions you’d like to answer. Once launched, you’ll be able to practice at your own pace, then review your results* from the home page once completed.

*For all practice tests results on the home page, Kaplan routinely deletes these every 180 days from their systems and they will disappear on our site as well.

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