ITProTV is happy to offer discounts to students, first responders, teachers, and military personnel through VerifyPass.


  • 60% off all Personal plans for veterans* including active military and their dependents.

First Responders

  • 50% off all Personal plans for first responders* including Law enforcement (Police, Deputies, Federal LEO), firefighters (County, City, Wilderness), EMT / EMS, nurses/doctors, public service/government, and any of the above retired members.


  • 50% off all Personal plans for university students* including students with a .edu email address, students with a .ac email address, and students with a .uk email address.


  • 50% off all Personal plans for teachers* including Kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers, university professors, pre-kindergarten (includes private institutions, such as Montessori), and anyone with a teaching license.

*VerifyPass currently supports verification for users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

How to receive your discount:

To receive your unique discount and code, head to VerifyPass and select the discount you wish to apply for on the page.

In most cases, the verification process only takes a few minutes. Once verified, you’ll have access to your discount code. Please note that some instances may require VerifyPass to manually review verification, which may take a little longer. 

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