If you already have an ITProTV account, upgrading is easy!

From your browser, login to ITProTV and go to your Account Settings Page.

Click the Upgrade Membership option:

Select the subscription you'd like, then complete the checkout process.

Upgrading FAQ

I just upgraded my membership, but my account looks the same. What’s going on?

  • You may need to log out and log back in to your ITProTV account to see the update sync.

I just signed up for a membership, but I want to upgrade again—can I get a refund for my first subscription?

  • If you are still within your current billing cycle, our system will automatically credit you an amount based on your remaining time when you upgrade your membership.

Does an upgrade change my billing date?

  • Your billing date will change only if upgrading from a monthly membership to an annual membership. Your new billing date will be the day of your upgrade.

Can I downgrade my membership?

  • This option isn’t currently supported in the Account Settings page, but the Member Services Team will be happy to help you with this! Reach out using the chat bubble on this page, or by sending an email.

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