To watch ITProTV courses on your AppleTV, install the app then link it to your ITProTV account following these steps!

1. Download the ITProTV app from the Apple TV app store

2. Open the app, then press "Menu" on your remote to navigate to the Account page

3. Select Sign In from the account page

ITProTV AppleTV app Account Page, Sign In selected

4. The app will share an activation code for your account

AppleTV Sign In set up page

5. From your computer or mobile device, make sure you're logged in to ITProTV, then navigate to

6. Enter the activation code on the Apple TV into this page

the ITProTV activation page

7. Your AppleTV will then login to your ITProTV account

If you’re not able to access your ITProTV account after following these steps, please contact the ITProTV Member Services Team through the chat bubble on this page.

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