1. Download the ITProTV app from the Play Store
  2. Launch the app and click the Account Menu - This is the user icon located in the top right corner 
  3. Log in using your ITProTV credentials (click the box for reCAPTCHA).
  4. After successful login, you’ll land on our User Dashboard. 

September 2020 update:

· Closed Captions

· Notification panel:

o In-production course information.

o Assignments Information (applicable only to business accounts)

· Dashboard `New Content` ribbon broken into two ribbons to further highlight just released courses and our latest bonus series.

· Other bug fixes and experience enhancements

(Note: At this time, closed captioning is not available on our shorter content like webinars, Quick Bytes, or Podcasts)

We just released a new Android app update in March 2020. What's new?

  • Added Dashboard allowing Users to quickly resume watching their most recent episode & course and see new content as it's released.
  • See your total hours viewed on ITProTV at the bottom of the dashboard
  • Added visual indicators within episode thumbnails to indicate to users what has previously been viewed or is currently downloaded
  • Added a next episode button at the end of an episode to allow users to get to the next episode within a topic
  • Other bug fixes

If you’re still having difficulties accessing content after following these steps, please contact ITProTV using the Contact Support option on the Account Menu.

Need some additional help with the Android app? 

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