When you upgrade your ITProTV membership to another level, your membership level won’t always automatically sync through your apps. 

If you’re having trouble seeing the correct content for your membership on your apps right after upgrading, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your ITProTV account and go to Account Settings 
  2. Click the Linked Devices button on the side of the page 
  3. Write down the linked devices and then revoke access to any linked apps that you had prior to upgrading 
  4. Delete and re-download the apps you revoked access  
  5. Log into your ITProTV account. It should now reflect the proper membership level! 

If you’re still having difficulties accessing content after following these steps, please contact ITProTV using the Contact Support option on the Account Menu from your app or using the chat bubble at the bottom of the page on a desktop or mobile browser.

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