Episode/Course Progress

  • Once you watch an entire episode, the episode will be marked as completed.

  • You can manually mark a course as completed by checking the box located in the top left of the video player overlay, "Mark episode as viewed."

  • Your course progress is displayed on the progress bar located below the course name.

  • Once you complete a course, you will be able to generate a certificate of completion at the top of the course menu on the right. Take a look at this article for more details on Certificates of Completion.

Course Supplements

  • If a course has an accompanying practice test and/or virtual lab and you have a Premium membership, you will find buttons located underneath the course details at the top of the episode menu on the right. You can also find both of these features in the Side Navigation bar on the left side of the Dashboard.

Transcripts, Closed Captions, and Notes

  • You can use the transcript to follow along with the video. The transcript is interactive. You can jump to any part of an episode by clicking on a that part of the transcript.

  • Closed captions can be activated in the primary video player by clicking the "CC" button at the bottom of the episode player.

  • If courses contain show notes, Powerpoint files, or other course materials, these will be available for download as a zip folder under the course details at the top of the episode menu on the right, or in the first or second episode of a course in the episode menu to the right of the video player. Click here for more details on how to locate these resources!

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