How to post to the Forum:

First, you'll need a paid membership at any level to post to the Forum. 

  • Free members can search previous posts, but cannot post new topics. 

     To navigate to the Q&A Forum page, you can click the Q&A Forum button from the left side navigation bar or go directly to You'll then need to login, as this site is separate from our main page, at the top of the screen:

     Once logged into the Forum, you can post your question in whichever category your question falls under; if you aren't sure which category fits your query, just post it to General Discussion and the moderators will make sure it gets sorted to the right place.

     To make a post, click into any category and then click New Topic to open a new post.

     You'll see this box appear at the bottom of the screen:

     Just fill in your topic title and your questions, as well as any additional details such as photos or links. If you’re posting a question that can be solved, please use the dropdown menu on the Submit button to “Ask as question”; when your question is solved by a member of the Forum, you’ll be able to then “Mark as Solved” for other viewers.

     If you are looking to directly tag a member of the Forum in your post, you can do so using the @ followed by their username. For most members, this is the same as their display name on the Forum.

Following/“Watching” a post:

     If you’re interested in following a post for further information or replies, you can set your account to “watch” the post. At the bottom of the post, you’ll see several menu options: one of these menus will state “Not Watching”. By clicking this menu, as shown below, you’ll be given several options on how to monitor the post:

     If marked as “Watching” you’ll receive any updates and replies to the post to your Notifications, found at the top right of the Forum page.

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