If you are a Premium member, you have access to our practice tests for available courses at the top of the episode menu for the course or in our "Practice Tests" section of the Side Navigation bar. 

Kaplan IT Training provides all of our available practice tests, so why do some courses not include this resource? Here are a few reasons why this may be the case:


  • Kaplan does not make any practice tests for any of the Apple certifications   

Everything Else 

  • ITProTV aims to have practice tests for every certification that we offer. If a practice test isn’t available, Kaplan hasn’t made it yet. As soon as Kaplan releases a practice test, ITProTV adds it to our platform! You can also check our weekly newsletter sent to your inbox for updates on recently added practice labs and tests. 

To see an updated list of our course offerings and if any practice exams are available, please follow this link to download our course library.

If you have additional questions about tests, please contact ITProTV using the chat bubble at the bottom of the page. 

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